Breaks happen… This is glass we’re talking about. That’s why I offer repairs on all of my items (purchased through me and not a third party seller) as long as the item can be repaired (and isn’t totally obliterated). If you’ve broken a flipper, a tail, an eye, or otherwise, most of the time it can be repaired (and not with glue)! All you have to do is send it back, pay for return shipping, and then you’re good!

Step 1: Contact Me

You’re going to want to contact me first and show me a picture of the damage. This way if it’s totally unfixable, you can avoid paying shipping cost to/from. Plus, I can send you the correct address to mail back to. DM me on Instagram, Facebook, or use the contact form below:

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    Step 2: Pay for return shipping

    Once you get the OK that it’s good for a repair attempt, you can go ahead and pay for return shipping. Return shipping and handling will be, at the moment, $4. You can use this PayPal button to pay for the return shipping and handling:

    Step 3: Send your item back to the address I provide

    Go ahead and send that bad boy back!

    Step 4: Check your email for return shipment and tracking

    Paypal will automatically send an email out with the tracking number once I’ve printed the label. If you do not get this, go ahead and send me a message and I can get you the tracking information.

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