What started as a hobby became a full time obsession. Patrick began hand making glass and knotting jewelry in 2008 and have been working hard ever since to bring custom, unique, pissah glass to you in all forms.

Glass artist Patrick Termini designs and creates one of a kind pieces in the comfort of his own shed studio. With your support, he’s been carefully upgrading his studio, his tools, his equipment, and even his colors and materials to make more pissah glass like you’ve never seen!

From spacestorm pendants to straight-out-of-the-sea turtles, Patrick looks for new ideas in everything to produce new pieces, or looks for a unique twist on already done, overused, and tired themes.

“I hope to create a variety of works, whether it be jewelry, home decor, or more and in a variety of materials with glass being at the center. There’s something to be said about working in hot molten glass that shows a sort of permanence. I hope you can enjoy my pieces as much as I enjoy making them.”

Interested in purchasing an item? You can see what’s for sale at Storenvy at or send us a message! Interested in more than one? We do wholesale pricing! Don’t be shy, just ask!

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